bible study

wednesday 12:00 & 7:00 pM

Hot Dog For a hand shake

join us in helping the community with HIV and Hepatitis testing, counseling and support. Come by, get tested, get a FREE Hotdog and a Handshake

DATE/TIME: 2nd Friday @ 12:00 PM

Pearls for girls

support group designed to help young women make positive choices in life with an emphasis on spiritual, emotional and social behaviors

DATE/TIME: 2nd Saturday @ 12:00 PM

Sunday school

Sunday 9:00 AM


Transforming ministries into movements that capture hearts, minds and souls 

worship services. translate the word into your daily life. join us.

worship service

Sunday 10:00 AM


online web series that gives Christian artists a platform to express themselves to the glory of GOD. Here we get to see the inspiration behind the music/art and learn more about the artists as individuals

DATE/TIME: 3rd Friday @ 7:30 PM